Vice Optimisation is Life Optimisation

Here's how to do it.



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1. Pick a Vice

2. Enjoy the Vice

3. The next day ask, "Was it worth it?

4. Yay - Keep on ripping
    Nay - Awesome, you've identified something to change next time

5. Repeat steps 2-4 

2. The Wheel of Vice:
The fun way to measure if your habits are a little bit fucked* 

Begin the journey to transition your vices from some degree of fucked to full blown frothing AKA Living the life you most desire.

Because we can 'have our Cake & Vino too' God damnit! 
*You may find that you're not fucked at all, living free from sin, destined to a life of lame, living on in nobody's memory for never and never.  

Access the Wheel

It's good for you, I literally swear.

3. Keen to join our support crew?

No BS. We connect live once a month. We share wins, losses, funnies and fuck-ups (learnings) and set intentions of success for the month ahead. Curious?

Introvert? We got you sorted

All of these programs are self-managed. But you're always welcome to reach out to us if you need anything :)

Better Drinking Skills

101 Tokens has collaborated with health professionals to develop an online program that empowers you to become the drinker that you want to be. With a no-bullshit approach, this program will guide you to become the drinker that everybody likes - including yourself. 


Find your Flow

An intro to flow that traverses habits, rituals and the neuroscience of flow. You will learn how to uncover your not-so-hidden potential and design a flow-based life. 
This self-paced program is designed to give you the foundations to feel, think and perform at your best. 



7 Day Vice Challenge

7 Days of simple observation - mixed with a bit of mindfulness and play. This is a powerful process that you can repeat to level up your vices one by one. 


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